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The minimalist is different for everyone. There are many types of aesthetics like a fairy-tale type of aesthetic or soft girl type of aesthetic and minimalist is one. Know as soon as I gave you the description is minimalist or being minimal you get question in your mind like- why do we call a person minimalist? Let me answer you. When you call a person a minimalist, you are describing their interest in keeping things amazingly simple. A minimalist prefers the minimal amount or degree of something, but anyone who likes things amazingly simple could be called a minimalist.

In one manner being minimal is being too clean and simple what are the colour pallets of being minimalist? The colour pallet can be light colours like , light pink, light blue, light green and lemon-yellow will suite best together. White, light grey, light blue will also look nice. Now these are enough of questions now I am going to share my tips for being minimalist which can help you a lot in quarantine have a clean place. Always keep your desk organised. Always try to sit in natural or yellow light enjoy reading with yellow light. If you are not comfortable with yellow light you can use white light also. Start with a clean slate - this means that your place should be clean and organised use it or lose it.

This means if you use a thing, you keep it and if you do not use a thing, you lose it. That does not mean to throw the thing maybe you can store it in a big box and keep it below some furniture. Organize item by category. You can organize’ items by category like blue colour markers together and red and pinkish shade markers together. Minimize space means that your space has the least number of items in there and all the items should match the colour pallet. Always love the place you are in and try to clean it occasionally.

So, these are my tips for being minimalist and so that is all for today be tuned for my next blog. Bye – terra vector.

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