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Hello everyone it's here Anushka from Terra Vector and today I going to tell you hhow to make diy bookmarks and some art tips also

So without any further due lets get started

Things needed

  1. Thick paper or and cardstock

  2. Different color of highlighters

  3. puncher

  4. 30cm long jute thread

  5. scissors or cutting tools

  6. paper tape (Don't take a very nice paper tape because it will be wasted)

Lets start with the steps

  1. Take a thick paper from a sketch book or A4 paper and measure equal length for the book marks to be equal.

2. Make lines and put paper and stick paper tape on the lines as it will prevent the design and colors of one bookmark to mix with other bookmark.

3.start making designs with your favourite color you can also use watercolor

4. write quotes by famous author or nice words on it you can also use calligraphy

Step 5- remove the paper tapes and cut the bookmarks. If you want you can punch a hole and tie a bow on top

And Now your bookmarks are ready to be used. Bye from terravector

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